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Car Badges and Decals in high quality finishes give products visual impact and differentiation from competitors in the marketplace.


Flexible PVC is yet another option for single or multi-coloured 3 dimensional badges. This process is particularly successful for branding more severely curved surfaces.


Lens coating provides another dimension to multi-coloured or metallic badges and decals. This unique process creates an impression of depth and gives an extra high gloss quality finish suitable for exterior or interior uses.


Chrome Badging provides a high quality and bold enhancement to you product. The badges can be enhanced with a splash of colour using a stylish acrylic insert to increase the visual appeal. This is also the answer if you are seeking strong positive recognition for your product through “cost effective” tooling. Ideal for use on appliances, Industrial and heavy equipment/ Machinery, automotive, Marine, recreational Vehicles, Caravans and the Motorcycle industry.


Single or multi-coloured stripes for vehicles, boats and aircraft may be die cut to any shape or provided on continuous roll for large fleets, or original equipment manufacturers. Small runs are accommodated by CAD/CAM and digital print facilities.


Vinyl decals feature heat and petrol resistance, making them suitable for exterior, interior and under-bonnet applications.


Printed decals may feature four-colour process and/or spot colours. An over laminated film can be used to create an extra bright, high gloss finish and provide wear and weathering fade protection in harsh environments.

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