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Name plates offer superior durability, can be attractively finished, and are resistant to harsh conditions. Custom name plates are an excellent choice for applications where important information such as compliance ratings, load limits and safety information need to be clearly communicated and remain legible for an extended period of time.


There is a wide range of materials and processes that can be used depending on the application and the products destination environment. Materials that are suitable include aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and a wide variety of plastics (Gravoply). The materials are also available in a wide variety of finishes including anodising gloss, matt, satin and coloured depending on your preferred materials.


Annealed or toughened glass panels can be printed first and/or second surface using permanent kiln-fired ceramic inks. There is also polished edges and a selection of hole variations that are available on request.


To enable the graphic to become a permanent and tamper proof finish on your rigid material chemically or mechanically etching the material will create a permanent graphics finish.


To complete the product an adhesive laminate or holes can be added or alternatively adding round corners or changing the profile to a curved finish will enhance the visual impact and application suitability.

Component Manufacturing - Name Plates
Component Manufacturing - Name Plates

Data Plates, Name Plates & Glass