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Custom designed facias, membrane switches and graphic overlays to suit clients requirements are a decorative enhancement for user interface devices and also commonly used for production information and (or) identification. Membrane switches also offer a function able durable switching solution. These products can be supplied on a wide range of materials substrates and specialised polymers and can be decorated, formed, embossed/de-bossed and cut to any shape you may request.


A variety of fascia substrates including Polycarbonates, polyesters, Avery and 3M performance spacer and adhesive stocks are available with optional gloss levels, textures and gauges to meet specific needs.


Screen or digitally printed graphics colour tones and density are controlled using our Pantone (PMS) colour matching system (CMYK) or a spectrodensitometer. There is many printing options to enhance your product including selective textured patterns, printed relief graphics and borders, coloured transparent display windows, and back lit illuminated (hidden ’til lit) graphics. Circuits are printed in conductive silver with an electromagnetic shielding with dielectric and carbon prints can be incorporated into specific designs.


Parts can be finished with selected embossed or de-bossed buttons or features or die-cut/laser cut to shape to close tolerances and supplied with die-cut or printed adhesive backing. Membranes switches can be completed with flat key, metal tactile domes or poly-domes to enhance the activation feel. Tail termination via female clinch connectors @ 2.54mm pitch or track can be spaced to suit ZIF type connector systems. On completion all membranes switches undergo full continuity testing.

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